School History

Charles D. Jessup Elementary School

Jessup Elementary opened on Sept. 5, 1958 and is named in honor ofthe late Charles D. Jessup, who served as a judge and the school district’sattorney from 1942-1957. Voters approved the funding to build the school in a1955 bond issue.

A time capsule was placed near the cornerstone ofthe school during its construction. During school renovations in 1999, thecapsule was opened. In the capsule, a resolution from the Board of Trusteeswritten in 1957 shared their admiration for Jessup saying he was a man with“sterling character, devotion to duty, steady energy and personal skill.”

Retired Pasadena Superintendent V.W. Miller sharedhis thoughts about future generations passing through the school’s doors in thesame 1957 Board resolution.

“The future of our country lies in the hands ofthe children who occupy this school and others like it,” he said.